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Kan 11: The corporation's main channel, replacing the IBA's Channel 1 and primarily broadcasting news, current affairs and cultural programs.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC; Hebrew: תאגיד השידור הישראלי‎, romanized: Ta'agid HaShidur HaYisra'eli, lit. 'Israeli Broadcasting Corporation'; Arabic: هيئة البث الإسرائيلي‎, romanized: Hayyat al-Bathi al-Isrāʼīlī) is the state broadcaster of Israel. The IPBC carries the blanket branding Kan in Hebrew (Hebrew: כאן‎, lit. 'Here'), and Makan in Arabic (Arabic: مكان‎, lit. 'A place').

After multiple delays due to disagreements over its structure brought upon by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the IPBC officially began its radio and television operations on 15 May 2017, succeeding the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) as state broadcaster.Its formal goals include promoting the expansion of knowledge, Israeli culture, and innovation in broadcasting.

Printing House 32 (Eagles Wings 23), Jerusalem
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