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Notélé is a television channel broadcast in Picardy Wallonia (Belgium). Picardy Wallonia is a crossroads region between Lille and Brussels, and between Kortrijk and Mons.

The dissemination of Notélé covers the 23 municipalities that make it up: Antoing, Ath, Beloeil, Bernissart, Brugelette, Brunehaut, Celles, Chièvres, Comines, Ellezelles, Enghien, Estaimpuis, Flobecq, Frasnes, Lessines, Leuze, Mont de l'Enclus, Mouscron, Pecq, Péruwelz, Rumes, Silly and Tournai.

,Kain, Belgie
Kain | Wallonie picarde
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