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Tevé Ciudad

Tevé Ciudad began broadcasting in 1996 with the aim of contributing to the building of community identity, social and historical city. Channel Airs Musical, Dance, Journalistic and cultural magazine, Educational and Many other Entertainment programs.

The channel has been proposed to defend human rights, cultural diversity and memory. They want the viewer is reflected and feel part of the Canal Montevideo.

Tevé Ciudad broadcasts 24 hours and feeds almost exclusively produced on site. TV Ciudad is the open digital television of the Municipality of Montevideo.

It began its transmission as a cable channel in 1996, as a public service audiovisual communication space. Since its inception, it has been dedicated to the production of television content that expresses quality, inclusion, diversity and that contributes to the construction of citizenship.

It is a general channel, its programming includes culture, information, entertainment and sports. It has been a pioneering channel in the establishment of human rights agendas and has put on the screen the main actors in the country's social, cultural, political and artistic life; in a contributory role for the development of the Montevideo and national culture.

Javier Barrios Amor
Montevideo | Montevideo
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