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Al-Ahwaz Network,, is one of the media institutions affiliated with the Al-Ahwaz National Liberation Movement.

The movement also pays special attention to the field of Al-Ahwazi media abroad to highlight the Ahwaz issue, and to inform the world about Ahwaz, revolution, people, land, history, civilization, sovereignty and struggle ... and publish everything that serves the Ahwazi cause, to resist the policy of the Persian enemy and its misleading media that pursues a policy of disinformation and organized media blackout to distort the Arab revolution in Al-Ahwaz, its principles, national goals, and the aspirations of the Al-Ahwazi Arab people in achieving their aspirations for liberation and independence and denying their legitimate and legitimate national rights in their complete and absolute right to self-determination and establish their state on their entire national territory to extend its sovereignty over the Al-Ahwaz region.

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