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El Doce TV

El Doce TV broadcast News, videos and entertainment about Córdoba, Argentina and the world. Currently, part of the channel's programming consists of retransmitting the contents of Channel 13 in Buenos Aires (head of the Artear / El Trece network).

The signal also has local programming, including local news stand (Top Córdoba , Noticiero Doce and Telenoche ),  Agroverdad (agricultural program),  Sports en Marcha (sports program) and the Show of the Lizard ( morning magazine).

The Canal 12 de Córdoba , known as the Twelve , is a television channel Argentine Open affiliated with El Trece broadcasting from the city of Cordoba . The channel can be seen in a large part of the Province of Córdoba and in part of the Province of Catamarca through repeaters. It is mainly operated by Grupo Clarín through Artear .
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